The Rise of Angular Developers in Europe

If this article took a while to load, you would have been frustrated and made up your mind to close it or do something else, or if the interface of how the article presented to you looked boring, you would not have even clicked. Now that you’re here, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the User Interface that most likely prompted you to click the link to this article. As the leading front-end web application, Angular has claimed the title after defeating previous JavaScript frameworks like Ember JS and ReactJS. What sets Angular apart from its predecessors is its versatility to create single-page applications that ensure better speed and performance. Not only is it light, but interactive, attractive, SEO friendly, and fast to load, giving the user a smooth experience.

According to IT Jobs Watch (UK), more than 14,779 permanent jobs advertised in the UK required AngularJS skills and experience. Although there could be several other factors, this article discusses some of the key factors that have prompted the rise of angular developers in Europe.  Developers find Angular interesting due to its unique features that enable the developer to write minimum code to get the job done. The lesser the code, the lesser the time spent on working on a task, which not only does a developer enjoy but we all as a whole enjoy. Less code means it is easier to learn when compared with other front-end development languages. 

The constant evolution of Angular with updates roughly every six months could have been another feature that could have aroused curiosity in the IT sector to learn the new version. Like many iPhone users trade old iPhones for new models, new functionality piques the interest of developers. The high pay offered is a driving factor. Angular jobs pay very well. Although wages are subject to experience and skills, according to PayScale, Angular developers are paid a whopping 44,000 Euros per year. Over the past three years, Angular salaries in Europe were so high that developers living in Asia migrated to graze the greener pastures.

The COVID19 pandemic has forced some businesses to go online for revenue generation. On the other hand, customers tend to demand mobile apps for online purchases hence the need for Angular developers. As many jobs are taken over by technology, people seem to be turning to the booming software industry to keep their hopes alive.

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