We are currently looking for a Senior Python Developer in Ispra, Italy. Candidates need to be fluent in English. This position is also open for freelancers. Workpermit is required. This position needs to be performed on-site. Remote work is not possible.


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Develop, integrate and maintain the tool;
  • Implement user requirements and IT security standards;
  • Advice and assist on the preferable architecture and data databases for optimal performance;
  • Set up and Customize the tool to comply with the testing requirements and data loads;
  • Provide quality assessments and control tests to ensure compatibility with the current IT Infrastructure and policy environment;
  • Use development tools and programming style that allow for further developments/adjustments by IT experts;
  • Set up and customize a GUI optimized for data visualization;
  • Prepare technical documentation, where appropriate;
  • Share the knowledge related to the maintenance and further developments of the tool;



  • Bachelor or Master degree;
  • +9 years of workexperience;
  • Python/HTML/CSS/Javascript, Content management framework (Drupal), Visualization libraries (D3.js, highchartJS, etc.);
  • Python frameworks (Django, Flask, etc), JS frameworks (AngularJS, Backbone, ReactJS, etc.), Front End Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, etc.), Responsive design;
  • Fluency in English;

Specific expertise:

  • Programming languages (Python, PHP, Java, Ruby, etc.);
  • Database infrastructure (MySQL, SQL Server, Postgresql, etc.);
  • Web-based map servers (Geoserver, Mapserver), API architectures (REST, SOAP);



Please send your resume to resume@all-european-careers.com.

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