We are currently looking for a Senior Drupal Developer in Ispra, Italy.
Candidates need to be fluent in English.  This position is also open for freelancers.  Workpermit is required.  This position needs to be performed on-site.  Remote work is not possible.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design of web-based application;
  • Possibly development of a Proof of Concept application;
  • DB assistance;
  • Formal reporting on and documentation of the progress of the work performed on a weekly basis.


  • Bachelor or Master degree;
  • Experience with Drupal CMS (Drupal7 to Drupal8), including Drupal Themes;
  • Experience with web design and web graphics (CSS and HTML W3C standards);
  • Experience in XML and metadata catalogues;
  • Experience with GIS (preferably ESRI) is an advantage;
  • Experience RDBMS (PostgreSQL/PostGIS ORACLE);
  • Experience with REST services Python implementation;
  • Knowledge in SQL and use of Oracle Database;
  • Javascript libraries (jQuery and ExtJs);
  • Good level of English;

Please send your resume to resume@all-european-careers.com

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