We are currently looking for a (Senior) GIS Expert in Ispra, Italy.
Candidates need to be fluent in English. This position is also open for freelancers. Workpermit is required. This position needs to be performed on-site. Remote work is not possible.


Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Adapt, optimize and update the content of existing GIS web applications, in particular eConservation and DOPA Explorer;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of Geonode and Geoserver, the mapping services underpinning most of the above indicated web applications;
  • Ensure the security and smooth operation of the GIS web applications by performing basic administration and user management tasks;
  • Provide technical support to key partners;
  • Prepare the spatial datasets for subsequent processing (projection of spatial data, editing of incomplete datasets and correction of topological features, organizing the data for storage and processing in PostGIS database, tiling of large images);
  • Process the global datasets to generate summary statistics at site, country, ecoregion and regional levels;
  • Contribute to the maintenance of the spatial data (updates, file versioning);
  • Provide technical support to the application architect in preparing the spatial data according to their requirements;
  • Generate maps for reports;



  • Bachelor or Master Degree;
  • +7 years of professional experience
    Strong experience in using the following GIS tools and libraries: GDAL, PDAL, PostGIS, Qgis, uDig, ArcMap, ArcPro including the development of geospatial processing models;
  • Good knowledge of Google Earth Engine processing using Javascript and Python;
  • Deep knowledge of the main CMS for geospatial web and web development such as Drupal and Django;
  • Deep knowledge in Web Application / REST APIs development including PHP (and various geo packages like GeoPHP), Python , JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML and CSS;
  • Fluent English;

Please send your resume to resume@all-european-careers.com.

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