We are currently looking for a freelance Senior Drupal Developer in Ispra, Italy.
EU candidates need to be fluent in English.  This position is open for freelancers.  Workpermit is required.  This position needs to be performed on-site.  Remote work is not possible.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design of web-based application;
  • Possibly development of a Proof of Concept application;
  • DB assistance;
  • Formal reporting on and documentation of the progress of the work performed on a weekly basis.


  • Bachelor or Master degree;
  • Experience with Drupal CMS (Drupal7 to Drupal8), including Drupal Themes;
  • Experience with web design and web graphics (CSS and HTML W3C standards);
  • Experience in XML and metadata catalogues;
  • Experience with GIS (preferably ESRI) is an advantage;
  • Experience RDBMS (PostgreSQL/PostGIS ORACLE);
  • Experience with REST services Python implementation;
  • Knowledge in SQL and use of Oracle Database;
  • Javascript libraries (jQuery and ExtJs);
  • Good level of English;

Please send your resume to resume@all-european-careers.com

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