Building your Corporate Development Team? Here’s how a Recruiter could Help

A skilled and efficient development team is imperative to achieve targets and complete software projects in good time. Each developer has a specific role to play and if they do not play their part properly it could affect the productivity of the team.

Finding a developer is anything but easy. It could seem like a piece of cake yet prove to be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. It seems easy because the development market is bustling with top-class talent and it is estimated that there will be 26 million developers by 2022, so finding one out of a million seems no big deal. But the biggest deal is selecting one from the never-ending pool of developers.

From the process of reviewing CVs and interviews to shortlisting candidates, it is a stressful job, especially if you are a company doing recruitment in-house. It is a time consuming endeavour and a shortage of development staff typically causes delays in project completion.

One way to avoid the strenuous process of recruitment is to get a specialized recruitment company to do the job for you. Your team can then concentrate on what they are good at because after all recruitment is a full-time job in itself, hence, it would be wise to let the best in the business do the task. When deploying a project, you must have a cohesive team that will work together to get the task done on time. However, if you hired a developer who does not suit the project, there could be a delay.

Even if you succeed in finding the perfect candidate, it wouldn’t come without taking weeks, which, would not fit the bill, if the project is urgent with tight deadlines. But if you approach a recruiter for help, they could find you a candidate within a matter of days and niche recruiters are said to find a developer within just a few hours and in the event, they do not have the right person, they could source a developer. To the untrained eye, every developer looks appealing and decision making could be difficult and tricky. But recruiters who have found themselves in similar situations many times have the knowledge and the experience to find you the perfect candidate.

If you are not happy with a batch of potential candidates, the recruitment process will have to start from scratch. From advertising the required qualification to selecting a candidate, nothing is easy. If you add irrelevant qualifications in the advertisement you may allure unqualified developers. But a recruiter not only knows to hit the nail on the head with an advertisement but they too can extend the borders of your search with their database of candidates, which will keep your recruitment process progressing rather than starting all over again.

Now you may wonder how much it would cost to hire a recruiter, But the question should be what would it cost if a mistake is made with bad recruitment? We need to make it clear that hiring a developer is in and of itself a cost, and bad recruitment will add to the cost. Although it is hard to get over the thought of spending more with a recruiter than doing it for free in-house the reality is that every service you receive from a recruiter will cost you nothing until you get to the point of hiring.

Compare that against the cost you will incur with bad recruitment. What about the time you take to interview candidates? How many successful recruitments would it take to cover the lost work to complete within the deadline? What if you fail to complete the project? These are a few questions to which, if the answer is measured in currency can potentially be huge. Having said that, not by any means is in-house recruitment always going to be a bad one but a recruiter can make hiring a lot easier. Hiring a recruiter could seem like a heavy burden upfront but it is a saving in the long run.

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